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s on peacekeeping missions over the past 62 years. Harper said Canada remains committed to peacekeeping whose nature continues to change and increasingly requires robust and multi-

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dear Rene, and will continue fighting for his definitive return together with his four close brothers," said the Cuban Foreign Ministry in a statement. Gonzalez's two-week trip to

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s a federal holiday in 1986 under a bill signed by then President Ronald Reagan. King and George Washington are the only Americans with federal holidays celebrating their birthda

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The hydraulic fracturing technique involves blasting sand, water and chemicals underground to free natural gas and oil trapped in the pores of the rock -- releasing a whole new s

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he time for contemplation," Bachelet told a press conference. "It is the time for action and that is what we are doing." However, the natural disaster has not triggered an economic

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nd Virginia closed an hour later. U.S. TV networks declared Republican Dan Coats winner of the Senate race in Indiana, taking the seat of retiring Democrat Evan Bayh. Tea Party fav

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Italian film producer Dino De Laurentiis in Los Angeles November 15, 2010. (Xinhua/Reuters File Photo) LOS ANGELES, July 1 (Xinhua) -- Former California first lady Maria Shriver f